Elvo is owned and managed by Richard Eason. For the past 5 years, Richard has focussed all his work on helping to build stronger communities by integrating cycling into everyday life. Much of this work has been through his leadership of the mini Holland programme in the London Borough of Enfield.

Richard originally developed his management and leadership experience through a 16 year career as an Officer in the Royal Air Force. Prior to retirement from service in 2014, he was involved in the delivery of a series of large scale and complex programmes in the UK, as well as a number of operational tours overseas.

All the services delivered by Elvo are personally led by Richard. Where appropriate, he draws on inputs from a range of trusted experts to help support the work. This approach does mean that we only work with a limited number of clients at anyone time. This is a conscious choice. Richard is not looking to scale-up his business. He wants to be directly involved in delivering high quality and purposeful work, helping to make a positive impact in the communities we’re helping to serve.