We believe the insights gained through our experience can help you successfully integrate walking & cycling into your projects.


Building the case for change

Proposing changes to our streets can be a challenging process. It helps if senior leaders are all viewing the issue through a similar lens. We can present to management boards, political leaders and other key stakeholders to build an evidence led case for change.



The ‘where are you now’ review

Before you start planning for the future, it helps to be clear on your existing situation. What strengths do you already have? Where are the areas for improvement? Where are the gaps? An external assessment builds an objective view.


Developing your strategy

This is a big picture look at the different types of approaches you could take. We can guide you through case studies from around the UK and other cities across the world, helping to clarify the mix of interventions that could work for you. This process will not determine the detail, but from this, we’ll start to build a framework that you can use to start engagement.


Community engagement

We can help you develop your approach which you deliver and/or we can become actively involved in facilitating your engagement. Public rejection of your proposals is a key risk to successful delivery. Therefore having a clear method for engaging early, in a meaningful way, will help ensure success.



Building your masterplan

Your community engagement will help add detail to the potential for specific walking & cycling routes, along with insights into other changes that your community would like to see. Pulling this together into a coherent longer-term masterplan helps to identify a logical sequence for delivery and provides clarity when engaging contractors / apply for funding.


Funding bid support

Securing external funding will often be necessary to deliver transformative change. We’re advocates of in-house bid development as this helps provide the right foundations for successful delivery.  But some support in this process can be a great help, including milestone planning for submission, facilitating internal workshops and reviewing drafts as a critical friend.


Your projects may involve serious levels of spend on detailed design and build. In our experience, investment into generating clarity around your plans will save you time, money and heartache.