Ideas on a Bike

The best ideas do not happen in the office. This event (typically around 5 hours) gets you outside into an environment where you’ll be free to generate creative ideas, helping you address challenges or kick-start new opportunities.

These events are held in groups. We switch our digital devices off. We get on bicycles. We experience parts of London that you've probably never seen before.  And along the way, we share ideas on the opportunities and challenges that we're facing in our daily work. Our routes are almost exclusively off road with just a few quiet streets, and we travel at a very gentle pace.

Along the route we have a number of great spots where we stop for talks. Between each of these breakouts, the journey to the next stop provides space to think and discuss ideas in smaller groups. Whether you're working solo or operating in an established team, taking some time out can provide inspiration and generate new perspectives.

If you’re interested in arranging an ideas on a bike event for your team then get in touch.